Education Services

We provide with educational and career counselling to our overseas students who are given advice by one of our directors Mr. Ricky Shrestha. Our services in Education sector includes but not limited to:

  • Enrolling at College/University
  • Course/college /University change
  • Advice on career oriented courses
  • Provide information on student visa and its conditions
  • Provide information on culture and life style in Australia, cost of living in Australia along with public transport, banking and taxation systems

As we represent number of Australian Institutes/ colleges/ Schools and Universities in different Australian Cities and locations, our students have greater choice and flexibility for their study in Australia. Some of popular courses offered by our partners are:

  1. Business Degree ( Graduate / Under Graduate)
  2. Accounting Degree ( BPA , MPA )
  3. Marketing/ Finance Degree ( Graduate/ Under Graduate)
  4. Double Degrees
  5. Information Technology Degrees (  Software Programming,  Network Security)
  6. Engineering Degrees
  7. Business Diploma
  8. Accounting Diploma
  9. Information Technology Diploma
  10. Hospitality Management ( Degree / Diploma)
  11. Commercial Cookery
  12. Patisserie/ Bakery
  13. Hair Dressing
  14. Beauty Therapy
  15. Graphic prepress and Multimedia
  16. Community Welfare
  17. Sports and Medicine
  18. Natural Therapies
  19. Travel and Tourism
  20. Graphic Design
  21. Nursing